With Honeypot Project X you can deliver a full high interaction environment with Virtual Machines and Docker images in order to analyze your enemies capabilities.

Create A Fully Immersive Experience For Your Attackers and Analyze them

Honeypots finally as an easy and flexible solution for cybersecurity and cyberintelligence improvements

Honeypot Implementation and Management from one Web Console

Core features

Honeypot Design

Design your high interactive honeypot networks with Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, Dockers and more.

Honeypot Monitoring

Generate a complete monitoring dashboard with visual alerts, email alerts and sound alerts.

Canary Tokens

Unlimited flexibility with canary tokens deployment across entire honeypot network.

Implement High Interaction Honeypots

Implement different high interaction honyepots. Deploy different scenarios to analyze your enemies capabilities.

Manage Investigations

Create and manage your own investigations in the same platform.

Proactive 3rd party Honeypot Detection Alerts

Through continuos honeypot detectors monitoring you will be alerted if any of your honeypots has been spotted!

Malware Sandbox Integration

You can deliver any malware sample to your sandbox from management console.

MISP Integration

Indicators of Compromise and event managment natively integrated with MISP, the Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform & Open Standards For Threat Information Sharing.

Complete Isolated Environment

Deploy a complete isolated and secure environment with Honeypot Project X.

Honeypot Project X delivers intelligence and analysis to your IT infrastructure and improves cybersecurity posture
cybersecurity services

Cyberintelligence Strategy

Our advisory team will work with your organization to define the best cyberintelligence strategy. A prioritized approach helps to design a complete roadmap depending on core cybersecurity strategy.

Honeypot Implementation Services

Our team will provide implementation services for honeypots and honeynets design and deployment.

Cybersecurity and Cyberintelligence Trainings

Official solution trainings and both technical and strategical trainings on cybersecurity and cyberintelligence. A full portfolio of trainings to improve your people skills.

What they say about us

“Honeypot Project X can help us creating profiles of attacker into gobernment network. The profiling can be done easily and really creating profiles which defines attackerĀ“s hacking skills”

Government Agency

“Our Cyberintelligence capabilities can go to the next level with Honeypot Project X. Different Honeypot scenarios with high interaction services creates an awesome source of cyberintelligence data”

Defense Organization

“High interaction honeypots monitoring feeds our cybersecurity controls with very valuable information about targeted attacks into our network. Our cybersecurity controls were optimized”

Financial Institution